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Compulsary third-party liability insurance

You are required by law to have third-party liability insurance. It covers loss, damage or injury you cause to others, but not loss or damage to your own vehicle.


  • ˆLowest premium if no more than two accidents at fault in the past five years
  • ˆˆIncluding a joker* : this means that if you end up causing an accident, your premium won’t go up
  • ˆˆNo deductible​: damage 100% paid

Legal assistance

If you need help getting compensation for damage to your vehicle or injuries you have sustained


  • ˆLegal advice and assistance
  • ˆˆCover of up to 100,000 EUR for legal, specialist, bailiff, court and other costs
  • ˆExtra cover : if the other party is unable to pay compensation
  • ˆFree choice of lawyer​

Fully comprehensive cover (all risks)

Buying a new or second-hand vehicle is a serious investment, so you’ll no doubt want the best in insurance cover in case your vehicle gets damaged, stolen or written off. Comprehensive insurance covers loss or damage to your car, even if you’re at fault.


  • ˆCompensation to cover the full purchase price​
    Get back 100% what you paid for your vehicle if it's declared a total loss within 30 months of buying it or it's stolen and not found within 15 days.
  • ˆ10% extra payout
    Additional 10% payout on top of the purchase price if your vehicle gets stolen or is written off.
  • ˆDamage to transported items
    We provide cover of up to 2,000 euros for damage to personal items transported in your car. We also consider bicycles on a bicycle rack and items stored in a roof box as transported items.
  • ˆComprehensive assistance included​​​​​​​
    Assistance in case of a problem or emergency situation on your travels. Includes VAB (Flemish Automobile Association) membership and a replacement vehicle in Belgium after an accident, theft or breakdown.​​​​​​​

Full assistance cover including a replacement vehicle

  • You get full assistance cover, including breakdown service (VAB membership)
  • Vehicle assistance
  • Replacement vehicle in Belgium for seven days if you have an accident or your car breaks down, and for as long as fifteen days if your vehicle is stolen
  • Peace of mind 24/7 : Worldwide travel assistance cover for your whole family, regardless of the means of transport.

Accident insurance for drivers

Reimbursement of your medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.


Total protection - as driver you are covered for bodily injury from an accident, even if you're at fault.


  • Medical expenses incurred as the result of a car accident
  • Costs for suitable transport if you need to be taken to hospital for medical treatment
  • Search and rescue costs if you get lost or go missing
  • Permanent injuries
  • Home modification or vehicle adjustment expenses and assistance costs following serious permanent injury
  • Financial support for your loved ones in case of fatal accident